Colin Gordon, Foucault, neoliberalism etc. (2015)

Colin Gordon comments on the Foucault and neoliberalism debate. A nuanced, thoughtful and powerful response.

Foucault News

A Foucault News exclusive.

Colin Gordon, Foucault, neoliberalism etc.

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The recent online debate triggered by the Ballast interview (translated in Jacobin) with Daniel Zamora will no doubt have helped to publicise Zamora’s book and its forthcoming translation. As publicity for the French and English editions of the book, the interview seems to have been remarkably successful. I noticed the original report in Foucault News partly, I must confess, because it mentioned me and purported to report my views. I have been surprised by the amount of attention the piece has received, which seems to be disproportionate to its merits. The content of the interview, apparently summarising the content of the book, gives the impression that it consists of a mixture of old news and falsification. The old news is that Foucault was not a Marxist or a supporter of any existing model of…

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