Towards a Comprehensive Michel Serres primary bibliography (1): single-authored and co-written books

This looks an invaluable resource.

Christopher Watkin

I’m continuing work on the Michel Serres project and am currently compiling a primary bibliography,  filmography, and list of TV appearances. Blimey, he’s written a lot!

I have synthesized the bibliographies provided by Steven Connor, the EGS,, the Institut Michel Serres (who copy the EGS list), his Stanford page the IMDB,, the Librairie des dialogues, and the archives of Le Monde, Le Figaro, Libération, Le Point, Télérama, Le Nouvel Observateur… et j’en passe, along with all the usual academic journal databases and some pieces I found myself.

Over the coming days I will be posting the bibliography under the tag “Michel Serres bibliography“, section by section (as I tidy it up).

I’m pretty sure it’s the most complete bibliography and filmography of Michel Serres out there now (I’ve just counted up 82 interviews), and I’m…

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