Books received – Recherches, Foucault, Fourquet, Shakespeare, Vasudevan, Whatmore

A pile of recent books bought or received. Alex Vasudevan’s Metropolitan Preoccupations: The Spatial Politics of Squatting in Berlin was sent by him; and Richard Whatmore, What is Intellectual History? came from Polity – preordered in recompense for review work. Both look really interesting.

The rest were bought and, except for Saccio, Shakespeare’s English Kings, they are all for the Foucault work. Trois milliards de pervers is a reproduction of an issue of the Recherches journal (no 12) run by Guattari’s CERFI group – it was banned as an obscene publication and original copies are very hard to find. This is a reproduction that appeared earlier this year. Foucault spoke out in defence on the journal and was part of a discussion in the next issue. Also a copy of Recherches no 46 which is François Fourquet’s reflection on the collaborative work done with Guattari, Deleuze, Foucault and others in the early 1970s. The book with no spine marking is the first report from that work, Généalogie des équipements collectifs : première synthèse, which appeared in 1973. These works are all listed in this site’s bibliography of Foucault’s collaborative projects. The final book is the very recent Foucault à Münsterlingen, which is a documentary account of Foucault’s visit to the ‘fête des fous’ in 1954. It includes some reproductions of Foucault’s texts and letters relating the translation work he did on Ludwig Binswanger.


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