Manifeste pour une géographie environnementale: Géographie, écologie et politique

image001Manifeste pour une géographie environnementale: Géographie, écologie et politique – now out with Presses de Sciences Po, edited by Denis Chartier and Estienne Rodary. Simon Batterbury is one of the Anglophone contributors, and sent me an English translation of the book’s blurb (original here):

French geography has always refused to address environmental issues in a truly political way. As environmental crises multiply, and facing the specter of eco-skepticism that haunts French political thought, geography can and must rebuild.

This Manifesto for environmental geography marks a collective will to overcome individualized practice and to question the epistemological place and the politics of geography confronted with environmental politics. It discusses the history of the discipline in its dealings with the politics of nature, develops international comparisons, especially with political ecology, and introduces the main areas of investigation for geography with a conceptual apparatus  renewed by the Anthropocene.

It shows that geographers must leave behind the remnants of their disciplinary past, to accept that their discipline is fundamentally transformed by environmental issues.  This is the only way for the discipline to remain scientifically and politically relevant in today’s world.

Contributors : Frédéric Alexandre • Aziz Ballouche • Simon P.J. Batterbury • Farid Benhammou • David Blanchon • Frédérique Blot • Sébastien Caillault • Pierre-Olivier Garcia • Emmanuèle Gautier • Pierre Gautreau • Alain Génin • Jérémy Grangé • Christophe Grenier • Baptiste Hautdidier • Christian A. Kull • Patrick Matagne • Kent Mathewson • Pierre Pech • Philippe Pelletier • Olivier Soubeyran • Jean-Marc Zaninetti.

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