A Selection of the Works of Ellen Meiksins Wood (1942-2016)

EMWVerso have made available a list of open-access work by Ellen Meiksins Wood, who died recently.

Ellen Meiksins Wood (1942-2016) was a Marxist historian and political thinker of enormous significance. We are proud to publish many of her books and, in order to encourage readers to engage with her work more broadly, we have collected the following list of articles and interviews currently in the public domain. With the kind permission of her publishers a number of the pieces are being made freely available for the first time.

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2 Responses to A Selection of the Works of Ellen Meiksins Wood (1942-2016)

  1. tsrub88j says:

    Reblogged this on roads to modernity and commented:
    Ellen Meiksins Wood was one of the first Marxist historians I read. She commented (I can’t recall where) that globalization might eventually bring the working people of the world together so that they could collectively overcome capitalism. She remained a Marxist despite Francis Fukuyama’s End of History and Jacques Derrida’s Spectre of Marx.

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