Images of refugee camps, part 1: aerial views

Some striking and disturbing images of refugee camps from the air.

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This is the first in a series of posts about images of refugee camps. For three earlier posts about images of refugees, click here, here, and here.

1 Zaatari Refugee Camp, Dezeen

You’ve already seen this photo, or one like it. It’s Zaatari refugee camp in northern Jordan, home to a large (though fluctuating) population of Syrian refugees—about 80,000 at the time of writing, according to the UNHCR data portal’s page on the camp, though it’s been higher. At the moment, Zaatari is probably the most famous refugee camp in the world, though there are many that are older, or bigger, or both. Politicians, diplomats, celebrities, and tourists visit it, and so do many, many journalists. That’s one of the reasons why I say that you’ve already seen this photo, or one like it: if you pay even the slightest bit of attention to the news media, your eyes have…

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4 Responses to Images of refugee camps, part 1: aerial views

  1. Ali Hamdan says:

    A lot of intriguing theories about the political life of refugee camps like Zaatari in Jordan…and I would say that such images play no small role in this process.

  2. Ali Hamdan says:

    …that is to say, there are interesting contestations ongoing between the Jordanian state and the UNHCR that are rooted in the political life of spaces like Zaatari…

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