Pakistan Journal of Historical Studies – can anyone access?

There is a review of Foucault’s Last Decade in the Pakistan Journal of Historical Studies – can anyone access it? Nowhere in the UK seems to carry this journal. Please email me if you can help.

Update: thanks for those that sent this or links – much appreciated.

Update 2 [3 Feb 2017]:

It is a curious review, which says very little about the book itself. It takes exception to the idea of studying a ‘decade’ of Foucault’s work, suggesting that this is an arbitrary periodisation, and even noting my previous work on the politics of calculation! All very well, except for the crucial and missed reason for why I chose this period. We know Foucault began work on the History of Sexuality volume I in 1974, and the project was brought to a premature end with his death in 1984. That is the reason for the ‘last decade’ – the intellectual puzzle was the history of this project; the title was a choice which came subsequently. Of course, as the book points out, and the review underlines, there are threads of continuity between the period before 1974 and the ‘last decade’. But the 1974-84 is one where Foucault’s main preoccupation is the History of Sexuality, with all its detours, dead-ends and reworking. That is the history I study in the book. The previous period – not just 1971-74, as the review suggests, but 1969-74 – is the topic of Foucault: The Birth of Power. In that I have a similar intellectual puzzle: how did Foucault come to write Discipline and Punish, related works on medicine and health, and how did all this relate to his political activism? My ongoing research into the early Foucault tracks some still earlier traces, alongside other concerns.

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3 Responses to Pakistan Journal of Historical Studies – can anyone access?

  1. jkopf123 says:

    It’s a brand new journal. Have you tried contacting the editors directly?

    Best wishes.

  2. stuartelden says:

    Thanks for the replies – I now have a copy.

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