Christopher Watkin’s research hacks #10, 11 and 12

Christopher Watkin’s Research Hacks series continues.

#10: How to present a smart, well-crafted argument

#11: Let your arguments breathe

#12: Seven ways of keeping up to date with developments in your field

The whole series is useful, but #12 has some especially good suggestions. I use many of these ideas, but there are some additional suggestions here which look helpful. I suppose my only caution with this is that a lot of these end up as email alerts, which adds to an inbox. The solutions I use are inbox rules to filter (and I use Sanebox); a separate non-urgent email account; and/or having some alerts get sent straight to Evernote.

There are several posts from Progressive Geographies about writing and publishing, and a lot more links, archived here.

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2 Responses to Christopher Watkin’s research hacks #10, 11 and 12

  1. pvcann says:

    Some good stuff there, thanks

  2. Chris Watkin says:

    Thanks for those writing and publishing links Stuart. What a cornucopia! I’ll link to them from the research hacks page.

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