Five apps I find really useful for my writing and blogging

As a followup to the last post, and especially #12, a reblog of my 2014 suggestions for useful apps for reading, writing and blogging.

Progressive Geographies

Five apps I find really useful – Evernote – Dropbox – Sanebox – Feedly – WasteNoTime

Evernote – I use this as my main repository for notes, links, lists, etc. I appreciate that you can clip websites directly to it, or email things to a direct address. As I come across useful things; references; things I want to blog, read later, watch, etc., I just throw them into Evernote, and then clean and tidy them later. It syncs across multiple devices, so wherever I am I have access to lists of things to do, things I want to find in libraries, etc. Really useful, handy to have to fill small pockets of time with something useful, and I’d hate to have to do with out it now.

Dropbox – everyone really ought to have some form of online backup. This is the one I use. Free if you don’t use too much…

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