Deborah Cowen interviewed by Haley Markbreiter at Full Stop

Deborah-Cowen-300x208Deborah Cowen interviewed by Haley Markbreiter at Full Stop:

In my favorite Google Image search result for “Deborah Cowen,” she is posed against scaffolding. The picture, like Cowen, is funny, and to the point: she is, after all, a scholar of logistics and infrastructure…

During our phone call, Cowen often apologized for getting so enthusiastic about “boring” topics like the shipping container. But her analysis of logistics and its relationships to the criminalization of protest and labor strikes, the shift to national security as protection of trade flows instead of the protection of people, and the corporate appropriation of military techniques have wide-ranging and very non-boring effects for surveillance studies, immigrants, and anyone following the infrastructural conflicts around #NODAPL and the water pipes in Flint, MI. [continues here]

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