New issue of CEE New Perspectives now out

cover.pngNew issue of CEE New Perspectives now out. The editorial, the Zinaić article and the Russia and the World intervention are open access.

1. Editorial: Waiting for the Dark, Waiting for the Light – Benjamin Tallis
2. Twilight of the Proletariat: Reading Critical Balkanology as Liberal Ideology – Rade Zinaić 
3. Helsinki Syndrome: The Parachronistic Renaissance of Finlandization in International Politics – Tapio Juntunen
4. Russia and the World: 2017 IMEMO Forecast – IMEMO, Russian Academy of Sciences
5. Forum – On New Travels in Space-Time: Theoretical Rediscoveries after the Crisis in (Comparative) Capitalism(s)
Richard Westra, Ian Bruff, Matthias Ebenau & Daniel Šitera
6. Cultural Cut: ‘The Absolute Gravedigger’ – Vítězslav Nezval, first translation into English by Stephan Delbos & Tereza Novicka

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