Stuart Elden, Speaking Against Number (EUP 2006) now available at reduced price

9780748619818_2My 2006 book Speaking Against Number: Heidegger, Language and the Politics of Calculation is now available at reduced price from Edinburgh University Press. It was only ever published in hardback, and previously available only at a very high price. It’s now selling for £20. I’m not sure how long this will remain at this price.

I obtained the paperback rights to this book a couple of years ago, with the idea of doing a new edition. As I’ve previously discussed, I got as far as writing a proposal for this, but knew it would require a substantial new introduction taking account of new material, especially the notorious ‘Black Notebooks’. I decided against the idea, so this book remains the last statement I made about Heidegger and politics. Despite his own repugnant views, Heidegger remains a significant thinker to the development of my work, and the ideas explored in this book were central to my future work on territory.


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