Radical Philosophy is relaunched as open access journal

126076a54a.jpgOne of the few journals that I have read continually since my days as a postgraduate, Radical Philosophy is now relaunched as open access journal. Not only is all new content free-to-access, so too is the rich archive of material of 200 issues.

The opening editorial is here, and it sets out the new plan for the journal. But there is much more to explore in the new issue, and of course further back.

Open access does not mean that the journal is without running costs. While the editorial collective donate their time to this work – and I know from my own editorial experience just how consuming this can be – there are software and licensing costs, websites, fees for translators and so on. So the journal is moving to a supporter model to make this new venture possible. Please do have a look at the funding models they offer and support it however you can.

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