Tiago Santos Almeida, Canguilhem e a gênese do possível – Editora LiberArs 2018

canguilhem e a genese do possivel_capa.jpgTiago Santos Almeida, Canguilhem e a gênese do possível: Estudio sobre a historicização das ciências [Canguilhem and the genesis of the possible. A study on the historicization of sciences] – Editora LiberArs 2018

Tiago tells me that the Table of contents, Preface and Introduction are on Academia.edu, and that

The book will be released november 30, during the “6th Colloquium on History and Philosophy of Science: the Human Sciences”. I also attached the program. The colloquium will take place at the History Department of the Federal University of Goiás, Brazil.
181108_coloquio_filosofia-historia - cartaz-1.jpg
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