‘Imagining a territory. The construction and representation of territory in late medieval Europe’ (Workshop, Amsterdam, 18-19 January 2019)

A report on what sounds like a really interesting conference on territory in late Medieval Europe.

Imagined territories

A report by Bente Marschall and Bastiaan Van den Akker

On the 18th and 19th of January 2019, the University of Amsterdam (UvA) hosted a workshop titled ‘Imagining a territory. The construction and representation of territory in late medieval Europe’. The premise of the workshop organised by the ‘Imagining a territory’ project (NWO/ UvA)was the fluidity and multiplicity of the concept of territory in a period before the availability of accurate scale maps, and before the use of this concept in secular political thought and practice. Scholars were invited to discuss the ways in which this modern concept can be used as an analytical tool in medieval studies. By using administrative, cartographic, heraldic, narrative and military sources for specific geographical and historical case studies, all participants have presented inspiring perspectives on the dynamics between the construction, maintenance and representations of late medieval territories and territorial affiliations, and as such contributed…

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