Volumetric Sovereignty – series of short pieces in Society and Space, edited by Franck Billé

dorin-moise-359008-unsplash-1200x675.jpgFollowing those pieces in Cultural Anthropology, Franck Billé has put together another 25 short pieces on Volumetric Sovereignty, the first group of which has appeared in Society and Space.

Tim Ingold
Dylan Brady
Aditi Saraf
Jeremy W. Crampton
Paul Richardson
Ekaterina Mikhailova

Here’s the opening part of Franck’s Introduction:

The last five years have witnessed a veritable efflorescence of publications on the topic of volume. A seminal intervention that appears to have given the impetus for much of this “volumetric turn” was Stuart Elden’s 2013 paper, Secure the Volume, in which he argued for the necessity to rethink geography in terms of volumes rather than areas. While Elden was not the first scholar to draw attention to volumes—indeed Elden’s article quotes an extensive literature engaging with spaces beyond the surface—he was nonetheless instrumental in identifying commonalities shared by scholars interested in aerial spaces, such as Peter Adey (2010), Derek Gregory (2017),  or Alison Williams (2010), and subterranean realms, like Eyal Weizman (2007) or Bradley Garrett (2013). Elden’s work served to integrate these various strands into a more comprehensive and coherent volumetric framework. Heeding his agenda-setting call, many geographers, and in more recent years an increasing cohort of anthropologists as well, have been actively engaging with the volumetric, both in new research and in revisiting past work. The present collection of essays, involving over fifty scholars in both disciplines across two journals, is in many ways an outcome of this research zeitgeist. [continues here]

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