In Memory of Couze Venn

Prof+Couze+Venn.jpgI was very sorry to hear the news of the death of Couze Venn, earlier this week. Couze was a Professor at Goldsmiths University, and managing editor of Theory, Culture & Society. I first met Couze at a Foucault conference at the University of East London, but really got to know him when I joined the editorial board of TCS. I learned a lot from board meetings, and will miss his thoughtful and critical engagement with that process very much.

I also knew his own writing – last year’s After Capital is a good indication of the breadth of his knowledge, and his ability to synthesize and connect issues. Previous books included The Postcolonial Challenge and Occidentialism.

There will be some tributes posted on the TCS website, and the plan is for an e-special issue collecting many of his writings for the journal. I’ll link to these when they are available. Dave Beer has a fuller tribute here, and Gargi Bhattacharyya a review of After Capital here.

Update: Mike Featherstone has a tribute at the TCS website here.

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