‘Terrain, Politics, History’, Dialogues lecture at the RGS-IBG conference (audio recording)

Yesterday I gave the Dialogues in Human Geography lecture at the RGS-IBG conference at the Royal Geographical Society in London on the theme of ‘Terrain, Politics, History’.

It was chaired by Jeremy Crampton and had responses from Kimberley Peters, Rachael Squire and Deborah Dixon. The Dialogues format is that the paper, the responses and then a reply from me appear in the journal. Although I’d had to send a written text a month ago, I didn’t see the responses beforehand, and so had to reply to them without time to really digest their ideas. Hopefully the written reply will do them more justice. There were also some good questions from the audience, and it was becoming a good discussion until we ran out of time.

An audio recording of my lecture part is available here – the amplification cut out at one point, and there is a slight echo, but hopefully it’s listenable.

Many thanks to all, especially Jeremy, Kim, Rachael and Deborah, and to Rob Kitchin who initially invited me. While I’m clear that this will be the last talk and paper on the topic for a while, the generous responses did make me think it might be worth further developing in the future.

Update: the published version of the lecture is now available in the journal as ‘Terrain, Politics, History‘ – if you can’t access through an institution then contact me.


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  1. dmf says:

    thanks for making this available.

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