Bradley Garrett, ‘Prepping for the apocalypse: bunkers, bullets and billionaires’, ABC radio

Bradley Garrett, ”Prepping for the apocalypse: bunkers, bullets and billionaires‘, ABC radio

Doomsday Prepping, or equipping oneself to survive an imminent apocalypse, has morphed from the activity of a small sub-culture to become a multi-billion dollar industry.

For some Americans, investing in a modest, subterranean bunker with a blast door, has become a feasible alternative to a holiday home.

Meanwhile, Silicon Valley’s super-rich have been building extravagant doomsday bunkers in remote parts of New Zealand, complete with underground cinemas, pools, cryogenic facilities and helipads.

Dr Bradley Garrett is an urban geographer, interested in how we inhabit the spaces we build, and what that says about society on the whole.

He’s also an urban explorer, accomplished at breaking into abandoned, subterranean spaces such as underground tunnels and disused Cold War bunkers.

Brad’s current research project on ‘prepping’, undertaken for the University of Sydney, has seen him visit the sites of new and re-purposed bunker developments around the world, talking with wealthy developers, devout Mormons, and ‘mom and pop’ investors.

He says the notion of planning for a future threat is not entirely irrational. He also has plans for a bunker of his own.

Thanks to dmf for this link.

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  1. dmf says:

    my pleasure, Saskia Sassen and others on this new podcast

  2. Stock Services LLC says:


    I own 2 original publications by Simeon Wade

    Chez Foucault and Letters from Susan.

    I acquired them in 1981 when I took classes with Dr Wade. I wrote some of my own notes in them unfortunately but I didn’t think when I was 15 years old that they would be rare like they are now.

    I didn’t know Dr Wade passed 2 years ago. Can there be some way of getting these items circulated so that others can read Dr Wade’s writings?


    Alan Klitenic

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