John Sallis, Elemental Discourses, Indiana University Press, 2018 – first volume of Collected Writings, reviewed at NDPR

9780253037244_med.jpgJohn Sallis, Elemental Discourses, Indiana University Press, 2018 – reviewed by Jeffrey Powell at NDPR

The publication of this book is an event for those familiar with the work of John Sallis, for it is the first volume to be published by Indiana University Press in the forty-three volume series The Collected Writings of John Sallis. It is volume four of Part II of The Collected Writings and contains eight chapters of previously unpublished lectures and talks, as well as two previously published essays. The latter two are chapter 6, “Alterity and the Elemental,” which was originally published as “Levinas and the Elemental” in 1998 in Research in Phenomenology; and chapter 8, “The Scope of Visibility,” originally published as “The Extent of Visibility” in the collection Phenomenology and the Metaphysics of Sight. The Collected Writings will consist of three parts: Part I will be Sallis’s originally published monographs; Part II will be previously published papers, lectures, and talks that will be gathered together according to five different themes; and Part III will be lecture courses delivered over the course of Sallis’s career that are either figure or topic specific.

Details of the series are here – forty-three volumes!

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