Books received – Pelluchon, Eddé, Alarm Phone, Farrell Krell, Hoffmann, Miller, Jullien, Dumézil

Books received – Corine Pelluchon, Nourishment: A Philosophy of the Political BodyDominique Eddé, Edward Said: His Thought as a Novel; 5 Years of Alarm Phone (also available as a free download); David Farrell Krell, The Sea: A Philosophical Encounter; Marcelo Hoffmann, Militant Acts: The Role of Investigations in Radical Political Struggles; Todd Miller, Empire of Borders: The Expansion of the US Border around the World; François Jullien, From Being to Living: A Euro-Chinese Lexicon of Thought; Georges Dumézil, The Destiny of a King.

Corine and Marcelo kindly sent copies of their books, and 5 Years of Alarm Phone was a gift from my colleague Maurice Stierl; Jullien’s book was sent by Sage. The rest were bought from the Verso sale or second-hand.

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