A two week break from this blog and social media

I’m taking a break from this blog, social media and anything online for two weeks. This blog has been fairly quiet recently, except for various things about the dangers of reopening campuses in the middle of a resurgence of cases, and some book information. I’m heading to a remote farm in Wales, which has no internet and no mobile phone signal. It’s a trip I had booked in the spring, but which had to be rearranged due to restrictions in place then. Part holiday and part working. I hope the break from news and social media will do me good. I’m planning on doing some reading and writing on the next Foucault book, some more general and non-work reading, and some cycling. I’ll be back home and online just before term starts.

I can’t believe universities are about to return to face-to-face teaching when the case numbers are far higher than when campuses were first closed. But a lot can happen in two weeks – either things will start to improve, or they will be so obviously worse that a plan B is inevitable.

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4 Responses to A two week break from this blog and social media

  1. Kurt Borg says:

    Have a good break, Stuart. Take care.

  2. dmf says:

    safe travels, our venal uni president here in Iowa City has shown that things can be obviously much worse and yet no Plan B is even in sight, wish other folks better luck…

  3. stuartelden says:

    Thank you both. Had a good and productive time, and now dealing with 101 things before the start of term.

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