Stuart Hall, Selected Writings on Marxism, Duke University Press, 2021 (open access introduction by Gregor McLennan)

Stuart Hall, Selected Writings on Marxism, Duke University Press, 2021 – the introduction by Gregor McLennan is open access here

Throughout his career Stuart Hall engaged with Marxism in varying ways, actively rethinking it to address the political and cultural exigencies of the moment. This collection of Hall’s key writings on Marxism surveys the questions central to his interpretations of and investments in Marxist theory and practice. It includes Hall’s readings of canonical texts by Marx and Engels, Gramsci, and Althusser; his exchanges with other prominent thinkers about Marxism; his use of Marxist frameworks to theorize specific cultural phenomena and discourses; and some of his later work in which he distanced himself from his earlier attachments to Marxism. In addition, editor Gregor McLennan’s introduction and commentary offer in-depth context and fresh interpretations of Hall’s thought. Selected Writings on Marxism demonstrates that grasping Hall’s complex relationship to Marxism is central to understanding the corpus of his work.

This is part of Hall’s Selected Works. As previously posted, Selected Writings on Race and Difference, edited by Paul Gilroy and Ruth Wilson Gilmore is also published at the same time. The open access introduction by Paul Gilroy is here.

[updated to correct the spelling of the editor’s name, with apologies]

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