The Early Foucault talk, the end of term and 3 million blog visits

Today I enjoyed speaking about the work that went into The Early Foucault with the Genealogy in the Humanities project (Syracuse University and Cornell University). Thanks to Alex Livingston and Verena Erlenbusch-Anderson for organising, and those who attended and asked questions. Good to see Colin Koopmann, Niki Kasumi Clements and Hugo da Costa, only one of whom I’ve met in person, but all have been in contact about this and related projects for a while.

At the moment, that’s the last talk on Foucault in the schedule – the next speaking events are about different things. Today is the end of term at Warwick, I’m on leave next term, and then the fellowship. This blog will be quiet for the next couple of weeks, but sometime in the last week this blog hit 3 million visits. Thanks to all who continue to read…

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  1. dmf says:

    Marx & Shakespeare In Love: How Shakespeare Influenced Marx & What Marxism Says About Shakespeare

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