Milton Santos, The Nature of Space and For a New Geography, with a commentary at Progress in Political Economy [and discussion at New Books Network]

Updated with a link to a discussion at New Books Network with Archie Davis. Thanks to dmf for this link.

Progressive Geographies

Milton Santos,The Nature of Space, translated by Brenda Baletti (Duke, 2021).

InThe Nature of Space, pioneering Afro-Brazilian geographer Milton Santos attends to globalization writ large and how local and global orders intersect in the construction of space. Santos offers a theory of human space based on relationships between time and ontology. He argues that when geographers consider the inseparability of time and space, they can then transcend fragmented realities and partial truths without trying to theorize their way around them. Based on these premises, Santos examines the role of space, which he defines as indissoluble systems of objects and systems of actions in social processes, while providing a geographic contribution to the production of a critical social theory.

Milton Santos, For a New Geography, translated by Archie Davis (Minnesota, 2021)

Originally published in 1978 in Portuguese, For a New Geography is a milestone in the history of…

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