Books received – Olender, Neilson et. al., Davis & Dean, Lichnerowicz et. al., Walker, Adorno, Febvre & Bloch, Droit

Maurice Olender, Race sans histoire; three books from Open Humanities Press – Contagion Design, Data Farms: Circuits, Labour, Territory and Logistical Worlds: Infrastructure, Software, Labour; Oliver Davis and Tim Dean, Hatred of Sex; one of the seminars organised by André Lichnerowicz and colleagues (perhaps more on these at some point); Margath A. Walker, Spatializing Marcuse; Theodor Adorno, Notes to Literature; Lucien Febvre and Marc Bloch’s letters to Henri Pirenne; and Roger-Pol Droit’s collection of interviews.

Oliver generously sent a copy of Hatred of Sex, and Brett Neilson the three books from Open Humanities Press. I endorsed Margath’s important study of Marcuse. The others were picked up second-hand.

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