Antipode tribute to Gordon MacLeod with open access papers

The Editorial Collective and the broader Antipode community have been deeply saddened to learn of the untimely death of Gordon MacLeod. Gordon was a singular voice in critical geography who was a good friend to Antipode and responsible for publishing a number of key articles in the journal. In tribute we have made his contributions to the journal free to view. They demonstrate both key aspects of his contribution to the discipline and his broader political engagement and energy.

As his Antipode contributions demonstrate, his work was animated by an incisive theoretical rigour which was put to work to make sense of particular situations and contexts. The passion with which he did this comes through strongly in his classic analysis of the inequalities of Glasgow’s urban renewal, an article which unfortunately remains all too prescient twenty years on. A deep commitment to questions of social justice informed his works, as the “Grammars of Urban Injustice” Symposium that he co-edited with his friend and colleague Colin McFarlane makes clear. His conviction that working towards social justice involved challenging entrenched spatial inequalities has left us an important body of work with which to continue that struggle.

David Featherstone, Glasgow, 22 November 2022

The open access papers are listed here.

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