Michel Foucault, What is Critique? & The Culture of the Self (2023)

Forthcoming later this year or early next, a book of two important lectures and related discussions.

Update: the book is now listed for January 2024: Michel Foucault, What Is Critique? & The Culture of the Self, edited by Henri-Paul Fruchaud, Daniele Lorenzini, and Arnold I. Davidson, translated by Clare O’Farrell, University of Chicago Press.

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Michel Foucault, What is Critique? & The Culture of the Self
Edited by Henri-Paul Fruchaud and Daniele Lorenzini.
Introduction and critical apparatus by Daniele Lorenzini & Arnold I. Davidson
Translated by Clare O’Farrell, The University of Chicago Press

Forthcoming late 2023, early 2024

This volume is part of The Chicago Foucault Project

Description(adapted from the French).

On May 27, 1978, Michel Foucault gave a lecture to the Société française de Philosophie situating his approach within the perspective opened up by Kant’s article, “What is the Enlightenment?” (1784). He strikingly defines critique as an ethico-political attitude which adopts the art of not being governed quite so much. This volume presents the critical edition of this lecture for the first time. In English, this is a new translation of this important text with an extensive critical apparatus.

This volume also presents a previously unpublished lecture titled “The Culture…

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