Updates to forthcoming papers, and to list of published ones available open access

I’ve updated the ‘forthcoming‘ page on this site – removing a few pieces that have now been published, and adding details of a couple of new ones in production or available online first. This page doesn’t include things under review or being drafted. Preprints are listed where available.

Some of my earlier articles and chapters are available at Warwick’s publication service WRAP; many more are available on ResearchGate.

I also try to provide links to as many as I can on this site – first listing those that are open access, and then some others. Generally I’m happy to share things if I have a pdf, if you contact me.

The two lists are roughly chronological, rather than thematic. If you’re interested in how these different pieces might fit into an overall chronology, especially in relation to my books, then maybe this page on Main Periods of Research will be of interest.

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