These are publications currently in production or online first – it doesn’t include things under review or being drafted. Preprints are listed where available.

Some of my earlier papers are available at Warwick’s publication service WRAP; many more are available on ResearchGate, and I try to provide as many as I can to download on this site.


Elden, Stuart (2023) “Young Foucault: The Lille Manuscripts on Psychopathology, Phenomenology, and Anthropology, 1952–1955′ Elisabetta Basso, trans. Marie Satya McDonough“. The Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences, online first – preprint

“The yoke of law and the lustre of glory: Foucault and Dumézil on sovereignty” in Martina Tazzioli and William Walters (eds.) Handbook on Governmentality, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, April 2023.

Georges Dumézil, Mitra-Varuna: An Essay on Two Indo-European Representations of Sovereignty, translated by Derek Coltman, edited and introduced by Stuart Elden, Hau, June 2023.

“Canguilhem, Dumézil, Hyppolite: Georges Canguilhem and his Contemporaries”, Revue Internationale de Philosophie, forthcoming 2024 – special issue on Georges Canguilhem, edited by Federico Testa.

“Foucault and Dumézil on Antiquity”, Journal of the History of Ideas, forthcoming.

“Foucault, Dynastics and Power Relations”, Philosophy, Politics and Critique, forthcoming 2025.


“Terricide: Lefebvre, Geopolitics and the Killing of the Earth” – preprint [this was part of an edited book which was long delayed and is now not being published. A French translation is forthcoming.]

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  8. corneliuz says:

    Hi Stuart,

    What has become of your prospective book, The Space of World, which you had outlined plans for in your contribution to ‘Scales of the Earth (New Geographies 4)’ back in 2011? Is it on the back-burner for the indefinite future, or can we expect to see it on shelves within the coming year or two?


    • stuartelden says:

      Thanks for the interest. That project was abandoned quite a long time ago. I’d applied for various funding schemes to make it work, and wasn’t successful, and then it got taken over by other projects. The Shakespeare and Foucault work both became much bigger than anticipated, and led me in different future directions. Some elements of this work have appeared in articles – the volume paper in 2013, and the violence and earth stuff has fed into some other pieces around terrain. I might do more with the terrain work at some point, possibly historically, which would link back to the interest in fossils. But it’s unlikely to look much like this outline. Thanks again.

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  10. Pingback: Access to pdfs of my work – on the blog, institutional repositories, ResearchGate and by contacting me | Progressive Geographies

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