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Critchley on Hamlet

Thomas posted this as a comment to an earlier post, but since many people read this in ways where comments don’t show up, I’m reposting here, and have embedded the video below. You can see Critchley’s lecture on Hamlet at … Continue reading

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O-zone journal launched

I’m late linking to this, but O-Zone: A Journal of Object-Oriented Studies has been launched. Open-access, online, print on demand and with a very strong editorial team. More details here.

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Graphics for OWS and elsewhere

There have been some interesting graphics for the OWS protests, many of which have been circulated on fb and elsewhere. Territorial Masquerades has helpfully put together a number of best, including ones on income inequality, corporate mergers, defence contracts and … Continue reading

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Judith Butler at Occupy Wall Street

Judith Butler briefly speaking, amplified by the ‘human microphone’. via John Protevi at New APPS – who offers some interesting thoughts here.

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Graham Harman interview

New interview with Graham Harman here – his own work, poetry, art, politics, OWS, China Miéville, H.P. Lovecraft, etc. Some particularly interesting discussion of writing. Since he discusses Lovecraft and the book he has coming out on him, what better … Continue reading

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Critchley on Shakespeare

Simon Critchley is leading a summer school on Shakespeare and Philosophy in Tilburg next year. It’s for graduate students and you can find details here (via Continental Philosophy bulletin board). Critchley’s own lectures will focus on Hamlet – but discussions look … Continue reading

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David Campbell on images of Gaddafi’s death

Some interesting analysis here. That link will not take you to anything unpleasant, apart from a small image of four newspaper front pages; the links within it will.

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Topology at the Tate Modern

A series of talks from 5 November 2011 to 12 May 2012: Giorgio Agamben, Etienne Balibar, Rosi Braidotti, Drucilla Cornell, Olafur Eliasson, David Harvey, Bruno Latour, Achille Mbembe, Ernesto Neto, Boaventura de Sousa Santos and Peter Weibel are among the … Continue reading

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Foucault on the disciplinary society

Just an audio recording, but Foucault on Discipline and Punish and what he was showing in that book – in English. I played the first five minutes to my students today to help explain the relation between the prison and … Continue reading

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Babich and Richardson on Heidegger

Interesting discussion between Babette Babich and William J. Richardson on Heidegger’s Being and Time. There is some discussion at the beginning on the relation between Aristotle and Heidegger and a brief comment on Brentano’s influence. via Enowning.

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