Resistance in Area E1

A month ago I posted about Area E1 in the West Bank, an area Israel hopes to build settlements, but at present is a cleared space with the infrastructure for a settlement (roads, power cables, a police station, security apparatus, etc.) but, as yet, no homes. This may change as a result of recent events. The Funambulist has an interesting story about some recent Palestinian resistance to Israel’s building projects – “the disobedience is territorial and architectural”.

active stills pal tents02

Earlier this week, a group of about 250 Palestinians gathered in East Jerusalem in the E1 Area where the Israeli government announced the construction of 3,000 new housing units after the recent UN vote granting Palestine a status of observer member at the General Assembly. This group of people established a small village made out of tents on what is being stated as Palestinian owned private land. The photograph above shows the tents being set-up with the largest Israeli settlement in the West Bank in the background, Ma’ale Adummim (see previous article). Since then, the encampment got evicted by the Israeli army under the reason that it represented “a danger for the security of the area.” [continues]

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