Top posts on Progressive Geographies this week

  1. Appeal by Sartre, Foucault, Guattari, Deleuze and others on imprisonment of Italian intellectuals, 1977
  2. Red Notes, Italy 1977-8: ‘Living with an Earthquake’ – entire pamphlet online
  3. Academic Books of 2015 – my top twenty
  4. Michel Foucault on refugees – a previously untranslated interview from 1979
  5. Foucault – uncollected notes, lectures and interviews
  6. Discussion of Lefebvre’s Rhythmanalysis
  7. Raul Pacheco-Vega on writing and working spaces
  8. Society and Space Editorial team changes
  9. David Bowie – space on the shelf for Blackstar, but a very big hole…
  10. Books received – several more for the Foucault work, including the new Œuvres
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