“I have endeavoured to tidy up Sartre’s haphazard references…”

Jonathan Webber on one of the tasks of a translator or editor:

“I have endeavoured to tidy up Sartre’s haphazard references, giving full bibliographical information, but this has not always been possible. I have not added references where Sartre gave none”.

“Notes on the Translation”, in Jean-Paul Sartre, The Imaginary, p. xxx

I have done this quite a bit – for Lefebvre’s Metaphilosophy (some comments here), Axelos’s Introduction to a Future Way of Thought (see here and here), and also for some earlier Lefebvre translations – Key Writings (with Eleonore Kofman and Elizabeth Lebas),
(with Gerald Moore), and State, Space, World (with Neil Brenner). I’ve tended to try to find the missing references, not just correct though. And at some point fairly soon I’m going to be doing it again…

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