Caitríona Ní Dhúill, Metabiography: Reflecting on Biography – Palgrave, March 2020

Caitríona Ní Dhúill, Metabiography: Reflecting on Biography – Palgrave, March 2020.

Just hardback and e-book at present unfortunately.Ni Dhuill 2020 - Metabiography.jpg

This book explores the contradictions of biography. It charts shifting approaches to the writing and reading of biographies, from post-hagiographical attitudes of the Enlightenment, heroic biographies of Romanticism and irreverent modernist portraits through to contemporary experiments in politically committed and hybrid forms of life writing. The book shows how biographical texts in fact destabilise the models of historical visibility, cultural prominence and narrative coherence that the genre itself seems to uphold. Addressing the fraught relationships between genre and gender, private and public, image and text, life and narrative that play out in the modern biographical tradition, Metabiography suggests new possibilities for reading, writing and thinking about this enduringly popular genre.

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