Bruno Latour (1947-2022) [updated]

Sorry to hear this news – Libération, L’Obs, Le Monde

Update: I’ll add other links here – Radio France, France Bleu

The Guardian obituary (and 2020 interview)

Adrian Ivakhiv at Immanence; Graham Harman at Object-Orientated Philosophy

Graham Harman, Bruno Latour: The Delusions of Modernity

Bruno Latour, ‘Is Europe’s soil changing beneath our feet?’ (a late text by Latour, published posthumously at

Anthem’s archive of posts on Latour is here; this blog’s archive here

Ava Kofman has a piece at n+1

Update: Last year Latour generously engaged with one of my papers on terrain in a forum for Dialogues in Human Geography. Two years before we both contributed pieces to the excellent A Moving Border project. I only heard him speak once, and we didn’t meet in person, though the idea of a dialogue had been proposed around the border project.

There is a good thread on Latour from Tim Howles here

There is an older piece about publishing Latour in English here.

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    lot of bruno related work on one of my old blogs:

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